Regional Director
Dr. Kazuhiko Hasegawa

Project Coordinator
Yu Higashisawa

Osaka University North American Center for Academic Initiatives is open to all faculty, staff, and students from Osaka University.
Please feel free to stop by when you come to San Francisco.
Our office can be utilized for a wide range of activities including a workspace, interviews with prospective students, and faculty/researcher meetings.
In order for us to assist you to the best, please contact us in advance and keep us updated with your schedule.


Distance Learning Program

Distance Learning Program from North American Center is designed and collaborated with Center for Education in Liberal Art and Science, Osaka University. Since 2005, we have invited various guest speakers from a wide variety of fields, such as diplomats from Consulate-General of Japan in San Francisco, CEOs of venture corporations in Silicon Valley, professors from San Francisco State University, Stanford University, University of California, University of Minnesota, etc.

Supporting Global Students

We provide support for Osaka University’s undergraduate and graduate students who are studying at universities in North America. We also participate in various study abroad fairs and local events to promote Osaka University. We visit universities and high schools to recruit excellent students from North America to Osaka University.

Supporting Alumni Activities

Osaka University North American Alumni Association (OU-NAAA) was formed to maintain and enhance a highly engaged, vibrant community of alumni connect with the University, students, and faculty through social networking activities and business networking activities. Thus far, about 600 alumni have been registered and the Regional Director serves as the chief secretary.

Machikane FM

Osaka University North American Alumni Association presents a Podcast program, Machikane FM. The program invites and interviews mainly OU alumni but also current students and Osaka friends who have stories to share. Project Coordinator participates as Machikane FM Podcast personality.

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